About Us

IST represents some of the very best fabrication and manufacturing service providers in the business today. Our 20+ years of experience in both the operations and engineering side of manufacturing and project execution, has lead us to develop a dynamic team of  professionals ready to assist you. We focus on turn-key project delivery, while also providing individual and tailored services in manufacturing skill sets.   

The concept of turn-key project execution  for complex technical and construction projects is to reduce the clients’ expenses allievates the customers need to monitor, coordinate and plan to a minimum, by letting us handle it all. This protects our clients from the consequences of design problems. With our exposure in the industry we are able to help you fully determine what best practice is and how to implement it, from paper work to operations. These are often the cause for  considerable time delays and lead to cost increases when not managed or executed properly.  


  • Turn-key project execution means that our clients will receive a total turnkey approach to their investment project. Under the project concept, the contractor will be involved and fully responsible for all technical coordination tasks with all other trades and client users.  

  • Throughout the project (planning, tender, construction and commissioning phases) we know the  pitfalls of the business and guide our clients safely to the turn-key handover of their investment. We also take into account local tender requirements and specifications,  if so specified.

We strive to understand your business. We provide a leading scope or help develop a project scope with your team when designing your next project. It is our commitment to provide the Best Practice, the Best Performance and the Best Value at every milestone of the process. This is what sets us apart from the rest!